Drippy Carts – Gelato

(6 customer reviews)

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6 reviews for Drippy Carts – Gelato

  1. Amelia

    Hard to hate drippy carts actually. Am glad theres sites that actually deliver. I weekly orders will only increase.

  2. Kelly scot

    My favorite. Good to see a site that actually delivers. Luv it👍

  3. Marry Adams

    Good cart and a good site that don’t play with peoples orders. Glad i found you guys

  4. Ana Lacosta

    Luv it, luv it.
    The oil is really good

  5. Kate

    Love it, I mean the flavors are just amazing 😍

  6. Jake

    Enjoyed it. Wanted to get chronopoly carts but I think this is just a little better

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