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We offer a wide variety of marijuana oil cartridges of various brands including but not limited to Brass Knuckles , Cereal Carts , Dank Vapes , Dankwoods , Exotic Carts , King Pens ,
Mario Carts
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THC PRODUCT LINE started as THC ZONE in 2014 without any official site. Our aim was to provide top thc content to people who couldn’t afford or get access to it and desperately needed them. We provided the best of THC service from north to south California discreetly of course and the service was pretty efficient and effective. But Due to passing of the founder Frank Bryan in 2016, We had to put business on hold for two years. He was the one who provided every product we could sell. In 2018 Ryan millz who was in charge of distribution and finance reopened THC ZONE as THC PRODUCT LINE. Since then we’ve gone even bigger. It was hard for the first six months since we couldn’t compete with other companies and our name was new to the market. But with consistent service and delivery we’ve grown to be one of the best THC suppliers in California, our business has extended worldwide and we can now provide service way beyond most THC companies. We are proud to have such impact and clientele within this period of time. We appreciate everyone who’s been working with us. We can only get bigger and better.


Apart from us bringing the best thc products for the best market prices, Our consistency and efficiency in supply has made our service one of the most reliable in thc products. Health wise in terms of security our carts are lab tested to avoid issues like pesticides and others issues that this other local cart dealers cannot guarantee. Externally our security is as good as we provide save and secure delivery to clients in and outside the country. Also premium clients get to enjoy free trail of any new cart that we add on our site for them to test and they also enjoy promotional sales.
We do have retail prices for bulk products for regular clients and When it comes to product quality, we never disappoint. This is THC PRODUCT LINE. we bring you the best in THC.